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tv   Ten O Clock News  FOX  June 6, 2014 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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a heavy police presence tonight after report of dozens of teenagers gathered at a b.a.r.t. station. it's a phenomenon called wildings. and now police agencies are teaming up to be ready. good evening i'm julie haener. >> and i'm frank somerville. the people sometimes rob people. and police say they're seeing a pattern of these wildings and now they're ready to crack down. ken pritchett talked to police in san leandro on what they're
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doing to tack it will problem. >> reporter: these roving mobs, these wildings are using mass transit to move around then wreak havoc. now they will be followed by police all around the bay. the hayward b.a.r.t. station, a report of 60 teenagers gathered possibly heading north. waiting for them at the bay fair b.a.r.t. station. it's a new task force on wildings. >> it's a group of 10 and up to 150 who gather for the purposes of doing nothing but terrorizing people and intimidating others and committing other acts of crime. >> reporter: wilding is not new to the rest of the country. this is video of a mob of teens ransacking a convenience store in texas. back on may 9th in berkeley, hundreds of teens rambled through downtown some fighting and using pepper spray on other
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kids. san leandro police say there have been three wildings incidents. the mob likely gather by using social media and texting. the targets are random. >> it's crazy. it's a new generation. they're trying new things. >> it's terrifying to think about. social media is really cool but it's scary the amount you can mobilize. >> reporter: san leandro police are coordinating this new task force that involves law enforcement to send the task force when wildings are occurring. >> we need to sent more officers to communities. >> reporter: the group of youth spotted down in hayward the potential wilding that turned out to be a false report. but it was the response here in san leandro of those sheriff
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deputies and that's what this task force is supposed to be all agent. that task force takes place officially next week. ken pritchett, ktvu news. new information now on the case against ryan chamberlain. the san francisco man who was the suspect of a massive fbi search before being arrested for explosives. we learned from court documents unsealed today that chamberlain also sought poison online. jana katsuyama tells us about the long trail that led agents to his knob hill apartment. >> reporter: family members left the federal courthouse in san francisco today without saying a word. after a judge ordered a mental health exam for ryan kelly chamberlain. the fbi began investigating him for attempting multiple purchases of bio toxins. according to complaints unsealed today. a man in new york reported buying cyanide from a seller on the website black market reloaded. the fbi says the market allowed
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people to sell and buy explosives in the deep web. the seller had records of sending another illegal poison to relling at 1831 polk street. according to the centers for disease control, rellings is a red seed found in a plant. it is used in medical research to kill cancer cells. the complaint unsealed today states the san francisco buyer named ryan kelly told the vendor he wanted the poison to ease the suffering of cancer patients but it later suggests that the buyer was not interested in treating cancer. it said the buyer asked about doses and whether it could be
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detected in the body. agents in hazmat suits raided chamberlain's home. the fbi has sent samples from chamberlain's apartments to its lab. for now they're holding chamberlain on one single count of possession of an explosive device. jana katsuyama, ktvu news. today the judge delays ruling on whether chamberlain should be transferred to san francisco's mental health ward. we have an update now on a story we first brought you last night about homeless people moving into a hotel near the oakland airport that is shut down. today we learned the hotel on eve's avenue is owned by river view development. river view rented the apartment but then took the company to court last year for failing to pay rent on the property. the court ruled in the owner's
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favor. the attorney for river view development says an eviction is set for this coming tuesday and they will then take over security at that building. the suspect in the seattle college student is being held tonight without bail. 26-year-old aaron ibarra appeared in court wearing a suicide prevention spawn. one person died and two others were injured in the shooting yesterday. a seattle pacific university, ibarra's attorney says his client is sorry for the pain he caused and that ibarra has a history of mental illness. the student credited with stopping the gunman is being held a hero. john mese was visibly shaken afterward you can see him there. he is an electrical engineering student and he was working as a security guard. he used pepper spray on ibarra as ibarra was reloading his weapon. now there's an online campaign to buy wedding gifts for mese.
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he's planning on marrying his girlfriend later this month. people are angry at thieves who are targeting mailboxes over and over. amber lee is in san jose now with some video of the thieves actually in action. amber-- >> frank, we're in an area just off a block from hill road. now neighbors tell me thieves broke into this bank of mailboxes just this morning and it isn't the first time. >> i've already scoped out two women that are walking up here. >> reporter: one neighbor's surveillance camera captured two women grabbing mailboxes. and they emptied those as well. one in a pink hoodie and another in a dress makes them identifiable. >> you can see she is wearing a blue dress with a white design striped on the bottom. >> reporter: the women were joined by a man in a hoodie.
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he appears to be the same person who broke into another bank of mailboxes across the street two days ago. >> two weeks there's been six of these things that have gotten broken into. >> reporter: six people's mailboxes have been broken into. their fear is identify theft. they hope someone who sees this surveillance video will recognize the thieves and identify them to police. >> if someone has any idea just get ahold of them and see what happens. a lot of people are suffering from this. >> it's sad they're stealing from every day folks. >> reporter: one witness describes a man in the hoodie as latino about 20 years old,
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5'9" with a stocky build. amber lee, ktvu news. vandals seem to be add it again tipping over smart cars. two smart cars were tipped over just last night. this one was in the twin peaks neighborhood. alex viana is the owner and he told us police knocked on his door at 5:00 this morning. he is angry he says the damage may be more than just scratches and a broken mirror. viana says he likes his small car but may not keep it now. >> the reason why i have this car is so i can park it any way. it's amazing i can go to any neighborhood and find a parking space within two minutes. >> reporter: in april, we reported on four smart cars flipped over or propped up around the city. viana hopes fingerprints will lead police to the vandal of his car. the car service oober is now one of the most valuable private companies in the world. as of today oober has an evaluation of $18 billion. oober launched just four years ago and has been growing at an
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astounding rate thanks to investors. oober has 1,000 employees. apple's 7-1 stock split goes in effect on monday. shares closed at $647 today but after the split, a single share will be worth about $92 and change. for current owners of apple stock nothing really changes, they'll earn more shares but the value will remain the same depending on the markets. however the cheaper price is expected to bring in new investors. positive news on the jobs front sent stocks higher today. the dow was up 88 points. the nasdaq was up 45. the unemployment rate stayed the same at 6.3%. and economists had expected it to rise. the bidding is now over and the price of this year's power lunch with billionaire warren buffer -- buffet is this.
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it went for $6.2 billion. chu and seven other guests will get to meet buffet. people gathered together for the final hour of that auction. >> so we're very proud that mr. buffet helped us to help the world. this year's lunch went for more than double last years. but it was still much less than the 3.4 million record set back in 2012. putting your dog within sniffing distance of a snake. sounds dangerous, but learn how this unusual training could actually protect your pet. >> a major change in time for your weekend. and next a former bay area doctor charged with killing his wife. why police don't believe he's the only person involved. >> maybe there's much more to the story that we don't know yet.
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a homicide case has rattled gilroy because of who the victim was and who the suspects are. 74-year-old doris nap was found beaten to death in her home back in april -- doris knapp. and one person has been arrested, and that's her husband. >> reporter: neighbors were surprised to find out that
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their neighbor, dr. bergeron who spent years saving lives, might have taken his wife's. >> maybe there's something that we don't know about. >> he has a practice here in gilroy anchored in this office building. >> it's shocking to find out that he would be able to do that. i don't believe it myself. i cannot believe that he would do that. >> reporter: a woman who asked not to be identified told ktvu she worked closely with him for more than two decades. >> i cannot believe that somebody who's very codependent with his wife that can plan or do anything like this. it's just not possible. >> reporter: doris knapp was found at their home on april 1st. police have only said she was kill bid blunt force trauma. a friends of delvion is also wanted in connection to the
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murder. >> he's from south america. the concern is he might have fled the country. >> investigators say galvez should be considered armed and dangerous. he's 5'8", brown eyes and gray hair. if you see him you're asked to give police a call right away. in gilroy, cara liu. some frightening moments for a bay area woman in san mateo. now police are looking for this man. police say he grabbed a 20-year- old woman and held her around 11:40 last night on the walk way on east third avenue over highway 101. fortunately the woman was able to break free and wasn't injured. the man is described as a latino male. he's promptly 40 to 50 years old. and weighs about 140 pounds. new information involving that deadly police shooting in sunny vale. police now say the man who was killed was armed with a bb gun.
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officers went to question glen grig's yesterday about the disappearance of frankemose. she disappeared in march of last year. new questions are being raised in the case of leland yee and chow. that evidence was being copied at the color drop print shop in san francisco. that facility was broken into now plywood replaces broken glass there. this is surveillance video that we obtained showing someone breaking into that business. security says nothing was stolen there. >> they carelessly transferred it over to a private vendor who has no additional security
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above and beyond what kinkos or a burger king would have. >> u.s. attorney melinda haye refused to comment on the break- in and the theft. the man known as hidden cash has been revealed. ktvu went with hidden cash last month as he hid envelopes of cash. now we can tell you he is jason veti a real estate millionaire. one lucky person found some of the cash he hid on air. he said he won a lot of money and wanted to do something fun with it so he started the scavenger hunt. he's not done. he said stay tuned for details of our san francisco event in san francisco. and one of the biggest concerns is all the dry brush next to freeways. ktvu's rob roth tells us what's being done about it. >> the grass is tall, thick, bone dry and it must be tamed. this morning a four man crew
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from caltrans maintenance department attacked this piece of dry grass. in the past week, at least two fires broke out on the side of freeways in san jose. another along an interchange near vallejo. we're always worried about somebody tossing aside any kind of tobacco products. but cutting the brush isn't easy. >> resin coming up and spraying herbicide. you see we have the workers doing it manually now. >> this hillside is just a few of the 4,000 acres of property caltrans must maintain in the bay area and it does it with about 90 workers. the cost, $4.4 million a year. >> looking out across the tri
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valley, dry grass as far as you can see. she says a fourth of july fire cracker set up dry fire a year ago. >> in an ideal world you bet i would love to have that mowed down so that it wasn't the hazard it is. >> you can't obviously have every bit of acreage maintained 100% all the time. >> reporter: for these maintenance workers the job is never really done because it's a pretty safe bet that by next year all this will have grown back. along highway 580 near castro valley, rob roth, ktvu channel 2 news. at the coast again tonight, has been there the last few nights. tomorrow morning there's going to be a push inland. it's going to be warmer. hot in some of the inland bay
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valleys toward the weekend. these are the fog conditions right now. seventhstreet near oakland and berkeley. you have fog. if you had it this morning you will have it again tomorrow morning. the fog is there in the morning but it burns out quickly. daytime highs tomorrow are going to warm pretty rapidly. winds are generally light for this time of night. so that fog is not getting transported as far inland as it was a few mornings ago. you don't get that much warm air into the valley. doesn't help. doesn't get in there because it increases humidity. we're going to see drier, warmer, hotter air conditions saturday and sunday. warm in lake county. north into butte county. we're just shy of that to the south. forecast highs tomorrow, mid- 80s in the inland valleys like livermore valley. 93 to 94 degrees in the inland areas. the warm spots. mid-90s. tomorrow, sunday warmer still.
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triple digits possible. so when i come back that's a broad brush of the temperature forecast. i'll give you specific numbers, and we will look at the long range contrast which includes cooling. we'll see you back here. an overwhelming majority say they're alarmed by a drought. 89% of voters called the drought a crisis or major problem and the poll that was conducted by the l.a. times only 36% say california should spend taxpayer money to improve water storage and delivery. and 55% of the voters say they were opposed to suspending environmental changes that would affect fish and wildlife. tonight at 10:30, thousand they're dealing with the dog's natural curiosity by putting them within sniffing distance of a rattlesnake. >> but first, drug agents
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at safeway. ingredients for life.
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federal investigators say a sophisticated drug lab may be connected to a mexican drug cartel. agents from the dea and department of homeland security spent the day at the home on 20th street in san jose. paul chambers tells me, what they found inside was worth hundreds of thousands of dollars. >> mexican national drug cartels are operating in the silican valley. >> reporter: a joint operation with two adults in it and detained in the department of homeland security issued a state warrant in san jose. >> this is a sizable operation. hundreds of thousands of dollars of meth was coming to
10:25 pm
and from this location. >> reporter: because meth is highly combustible, hazmat crews were on the scene as you can see from news chopper 2. once police found that it was side, they found hundreds of thousands of dollars of meth inside. the house was used as a transfer point where dealers prepared it for sale. >> it's converted into crystal meth into these large crystal shards. that's the product that gets ultimately sold on the street. >> reporter: neighbors say the people currently living in the home were pretty quiet. however this house has been known to be a trouble spot with different people living there. the meth is manufactured in mexico and is usually smuggled across the border. >> meth conversion labs like this are run by cartels. >> reporter: the children seemed to be okay. since they were living inside the home, the people responsible more than likely face child endangerment
10:26 pm
charges. paul chambers, disturbing signs have appeared outside of a temple. no one from either temple would go on camera but they say nothing like this has ever happened at one of their synagogues and they're working to get over difficult feelings. this is a complete hollywood story. >> california chrome chasing history. how his sudden stardom is bringing a boost to california. a sudden way to teach a dog
10:27 pm
to avoid a rattlesnake. put it nose to nose with one. and a reminder you can get to go. you can watch all of our newscasts live right there on your local device.
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new at 10:00, snakes in the grass. now dog owners are getting help to keep their canine companions out of trouble. state statistics indicate that at least 84 people have been bitten by rattlesnake bites in california so far this year. but pets too are at risk for bites. ktvu's debora villalon live now in fairfield where some dogs are getting a lesson in the
10:30 pm
dangers of snakes, deb. >> reporter: tomorrow this field will be full of dogs and owners and a snake or two planted for a special purpose. since dogs explore with their noses, the idea is to back them off. a rattlesnake makes itself known and chief the limaberor is cautious. he has been bitten twice. and without a cage it may have been third time. the rattlesnakes have been put in a cage where the their scent will be a lot more times. >> they hear the snake, they smell the snake, the snake gets them. that's what we want them to think the snake caused the discomfort. >> so we want to see. >> reporter: and keeps a wide berth from the snake.
10:31 pm
>> he's done? >> i think so. >> dozer is rewarded with a bone. his owner admits putting him in pain isn't easy. >> it's not the best feeling when he gets a shot. kind of feel guilty but it teaches them. >> reporter: the host of the snake breaking clinic here tomorrow has had two dogs bitten in their backyard. rushed them to the vet hospital. touch and go whether they would everyone make it. last year's clinic saw not just field dog but family dogs. >> with lots of dautson's, poodles and i was really surprised. >> reporter: ardie remembers her training and heads for the hills now. several companies offer this training in the bay area. tomorrow's clinic costs $75 a dog, it takes about a half hour. and sunday another training will be held in danville at oak hill park. reporting live in fairfield tonight, debora villalon, ktvu
10:32 pm
channel 2 news. authorities in napa county have destroyed thousands of marijuana plants worth millions of the dollars. nearly 14,000 plants were found during an aerial survey of about 30 acres of private hasn't just south of the county line. if those plants had matured they could have been worth nearly $14 million. officers also found four sleeping bags on the land but no one was there when detectives arrived. a neurosurgeon testified today that giants fan ryan stow will need 24 hour assistance for the rest of his life. father or mother lowing his b eating -- following his beating outside of dodger stadium park. last year stow was moved out of a facility and back to his home in santa cruz because the care was no longer covered by insurance. stow is suing the dodgers and
10:33 pm
owner. it all comes down to tomorrow for california chrome. the 3-year-old colt from the central valley is going for the triple crown in tomorrow's belmont stakes. if he wins had been will be the 34th horse to win the top prize. california chrome is also giveing the state's racing business a much needed boost. >> this sprawling 70-acre thoroughbred farm about an hour and a half outside of the city trained california chrome. california chrome's rise is
10:34 pm
reenergizing the program. >> people are asking about the california chrome. these are people you wouldn't even know what horse racing was. this is the perfect storm. this horse comes at the time the racing world needs. i will buy racehorses privately. >> reporter: mercad is in the business of buying, selling and breeding thoroughbred horses. he says he hopes california chrome continues to make magic. because he is showing the world top horses don't just come from kentucky or florida. >> right now it's happening at the best time it can possibly happen. >> reporter: it takes more than just good bloodlines to produce a champion. breeders here say it's about exceptional quality. now they're hoping to come up with their own winning combination. by finding the right match for
10:35 pm
their fiery chestnut. now he's one of premier thoroughbred's stallion. >> we have smiling tiger and 30 or so to the other stallions. big numbers especially for a northern california breeding facility. >> in addition to breeding thoroughbred horsing racing, this facility also serves as a facility center where injured horses come to get nursed back to help in hopes of returns back to competition. an aqua center provide conditioning and strengthening for injured horses. >> i had to scratch him because of the foot. >> reporter: having just helped speedy inclusion. >> you want to see your horses, your clients always do good. but we also want to see history
10:36 pm
with california chrome. >> california chrome did it. >> reporter: julie haener, ktvu channel 2 news. teaching students valuable skills or leading them down the wrong path. >> i say that it's a good thing to have military -- >> i think military basically teaches to obey. triple digit temperatures ahead in some areas but not every area will feel the heat. >> a recall involving one of the most common ingredients. next the safety check you should do if you bought a certain brand of black pepper. heat shields are compromised. we have multiple failures. are those thrusters burning? that's a negative. what's that alarm? fuel cell two is down. i'm going to have to guide her in manually.
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a recall tonight on black pepper sold at cosco. cosco is warning customer that is some of its pepper might be contaminated with sal salmonella. the pepper in question is marketed urpd the name kirkland signature coarse pepper -- under the name kirkland signature coarse pepper. fda testers did detect a strain of salmonella in some of those products. trouble sleeping may be causing problems for college students as drinking and doing
10:40 pm
drugs. sleep problems have about the same impact on grade point average as bing drinking or marijuana use. the study looked at some 43,000 college students. researchers found that while most students don't have clinical sleep disorders, about 60% of them say they do have some difficulty sleeping. five nonprofits are getting half a million dollars each from google after winning that company's bay area impact challenge. and the winners include half the hood. it trains low income use. the center for employment opportunities plans to use the grant money to create a program to help former prisoners prepare for tech jobs. the health trust hopes to create new distribution channels to under served bay area community. and bring me a book will work to bring multiple books to under served children. >> those black and yellow license plates like the ones you see on classic cars are making a come back. the california dmv says it has
10:41 pm
enough applications now to start issuing throw back plates next month that look an awful lot like those black plates used in the 1960s. you can also customize them like any other plate. this cool factor will cost you a little extra money like $50 over a bay area plate. two california students are going to a skills competition in michigan to take over students from any other state. gutierrez and himbel excel in auto shop and won a state title. the two found and fixed all ten problems on a car, 15 minutes ahead of their competitors. >> you might just look at it and be a bunch of metal and it moves. but in reality there's so much complexity to it. and there's so many components to it and they all have to wor insync and in harmony.
10:42 pm
>> the ford aaa competition takes place on saturday and sunday. the service for maya angelou has been scheduled. first lady michelle obama will be part of the speakers. triple digit heat in the forecast. how soon it'll get here and how long it will last. the jr. rotc, a program with deep roots in american history. the plans to bring that program to one east bay campus that our stirring debate. up first though, a very special treat for a 93-year-old d day veteran. why he says this time that parachute jump was a lot easier.
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taps played at the commemorations of the 70th anniversary of d day in normanty trans. president obama along with other world leaders honored those lost -- normandy. it's defeat will take another nine months. president obama told the veterans their legacy is in good hands. now one world war ii veteran who parachuted in normandy7 years ago fulfilled his wish this -- >>pee wee martin said he was humbled saying he didn't feel he did anything exceptional. >> that's one of my original jackets right here. martin was the oldest parachuter today. he was also one of the oldest soldiers when he made his first jump in 1944.
10:46 pm
he was 23 back then. and martin said this jump was much easier than the first time because this time there was no one shooting at him. >> you know, what made me do it today. a little bit of ego because i'm 93 and i can still do it. and also i wanted to show all the people that you don't have to sit and die just because you get old. >> martin says should he get the chance he would be happy to jump again next year. controversy tonight over plans to bring military training to campus. as ktvu's john sasaki told us hundreds of students have already signed up. >> classes ended today at dienza high school but controversy has hit deanza campus. the school wants to bring in
10:47 pm
the army program. >> our parents are behind us. they want to see all the things we're doing to build up young men and women. >> reporter: 18% of the student body took that first step. >> i say it's a good thing to see military in school. >> said you're a combat medic. you can get a professional hospital. >> reporter: elia's mother supporting him. >> for him to question about something like that to further his education is great. >> reporter: this will only be the second rotc program in the country. it'll teach topics like aviation history and the science of flight. >> i think the aviation history teaches people to prey. you offer him the right things. don't offer them the
10:48 pm
opportunity to risk their lives for causes that are nonrealistic. >> reporter: in richmond, i'm john sasaki, ktvu channel 2 news. the cia is showing off its sense of humor with its first tweet. this is what they said. it reads we can either confirm or deny that this is our first tweet. the tweet was posted this morning and it's already been favorited more than 105,000 times and already the cia has 140,000 followers. nasa made history with this post. wiseman says it's the first vine video sent from space. today was a lot like yesterday which was a lot like the day before. but things change now as we go into the bay area weekend. the inland numbers are going to pump up a bit.
10:49 pm
into the upper 90s, low 100s as we head into your sunday. just 73 in santa rosa today. a little southerly wind getting the fog up there. san rafael with 78. all around the coast and around the bay just kind of mild to cool. it's going to stay that way along the coast. temperatures are going to stay on the cool side because all this fog is going nowhere. that fog is going to hang out because it was last night and the night before. it's going to be right along the coast and across the bay. i don't suspect much will get across the hills. foggy in san francisco. that fog will work its way up into tiburon up into the stinson area. but not way inland. it's not going to get all the way into fairmont. that's going to end us up warmer by 5 degrees. forecast model brings the fog in just about that far in the morning hours then here comes the heat. that purple color, those are 100s. in the bay area tomorrow. the inland bay valleys we're
10:50 pm
going to see lots of mid-90s. on sunday, the purple, look at that purple color. the hundreds come our way. so we will see hundreds. eastern livermore valley, northern eastern santa rosa area and south down toward gilroy. the forecast is for a warming trend with sunday being your warmest day on the bay area weekend. forecast highs on sunday. significant especially along the coast. san francisco 78 degrees. in santa rosa about 92. livermore we'll put him into 100 degrees. with that heat and winds coming up and the low humidities. a low flag warning will most likely go into effect saturday late saturday into monday. for lake county area north into butte county. it's north of our area for the most part. but it's close enough to us, sunday maybe something could get triggered around here as pat of an advisory. 91 in concord tomorrow.
10:51 pm
94 in brentwood. a little warmer on the bay. that's your bar-be-que day. temperatures in those areas are going to be right there in the 90s into the evening hours. the five day forecast with your bay area weekend always in view shows sunday the warmest or hottest. monday not too bad either but still pretty warm. >> next couple of days. >> especially sunday. >> yeah, thanks bill. >> all right time for us to talk about the -- >> i thought we had another story. >> mark is off, fred is here what a great weekends -- weekend for baseball and the giants happen to be in town. >> the giants will be home for 20 of their 25 games and they're good must see tv. giants model this season. refuse to lose. i mean this is getting downright scary folks. fun, yes but it's scary. how these players keep taking turns playing the role of hero.
10:52 pm
matt cain started today at at&t park. the only run the mets got came in the seventh. a two run shot. but the giants weren't sweating it a bit. bottom of the inning, ties it with a 2-out single. brandon pitch scored from second to tie it 2-2. that's been the giant's mo all season. two out-rbi. cane -- cain didn't get the victory but the giants get this hit. when buster posey scores. giants are now 40-21. yeah. 40-21. >> oakland a's own the best road record in baseball and they'll play as long as it takes to win. tonight it took 11 innings. and chin got lit up by the a's josh donaldson in the first- inning. hello and goodbye. an opposite field home run for the 17th of the season.
10:53 pm
we saw some bad defense, but we saw some outstanding d as well. tonight, you decide. was this good? gentry full extension around nick markakis. craig gentry how did he do that? 3-3 at the bottom of the tenth. adam jones singled to right field. moss is normally first baseman. nails markakis at home. it's easy meat. inning over. two on, two out, steven volt, and here comes john jason with a game winning run. and the bottom of the inning, a's win 4-3. they're 7-3 in extra inning game this is season. a's are now 21 and 11 on the road. 17 and 12 at home.
10:54 pm
coming up, stephen curry. take his game to the streets of hollywood? we'll see if he earns two thumbs up next.
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there's no better ambassador than warriors all
10:57 pm
star curry. steph had to spin for a handicap before taking on campbell. had to ride a tricicle. charged for charging here or driving over kimmel. but steph didn't make one more shot for a while. but you see how it goes. the host has to always hit. goes hard to the hole. but steph shows us he has a sense of humor and is quickly becoming a celebrity. and madden is which is now madden15 to the victor goes the spoils. heather and frank tomorrow is california chrome. >> belmont stakes. >> 10 other horses are in the race but everybody is talking about one. >> i think he's got a great chance too. >> three to five odds. you're not going to make any money on him. >> i hope he wins. >> thank you for watching.
10:58 pm
ktvu channel 2 news. >> i'm next newscast mornings ontwo. they'll have an updated forecast to start your weekend. have a great weekends everyone. >> good night. >> good night.
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ay, finally! look who's wearing her itsy bitsy bikini. (jay chuckles) he can comment because he's gay. he was talking about lily. so was i. ay, cam, you make her look so pretty. guess who's not coming for christmas. and the spotlight shifts. mom. she cancelled. (claire) what? in a voice mail, no less. unbelievable--and by that, i mean believable. why isn't nana coming? i don't know. something about her new boyfriend whisking her away on a cruise. i just got my gift. (claire) what boyfriend? carl the cruise ship captain. it was in her holiday newsletter. oh, i can't read that whole thing. no. yeah, after two pages about the bird she rescued... and by the way, i don't think you can say you rescued something if it dies. it died? she wrote a poem about it. a little too free with the free verse for my taste,


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